Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is another foray into the mainstream comic book adaptation genre that DC Comics have for the most part made their own (Okay, Okay, we know Marvel exists). So far, we know the film has been written as a follow up to the reasonably successful Man of Steel and continues the Warner Brothers reboot project for the entire Justice League cast.

Batman v Superman, the full movie has been in the pipework for quite some time now. It was announced at the 2013 comic con with mid production, costumes and teaser trailers being unveiled at the 2014 Comic Con. It’s due for release in North America on the 25th of March 2016 after being put back a number of times.


What About The Story?

We actually know quite a bit as DC Comics have released a short synopsis of the film. It seems like Superman is continuing to go down the darker character route, similar to recent Batman films and after the controversy of Man of Steel, be prepared to feel mixed emotions!

As for the timeline, the film is set after the battle for Metropolis. Superman has finished his final transition into Superman whilst Bruce Wayne holds the blame firmly at Superman’s door for all that went wrong in Man of Steel.

Batman v Superman - Logo

It also feels like this film is the one where Batman grows a little older, wiser but ultimately more angry than every before, Man of Steel has a lot to answer for! There has been some talk of Batman actually becoming a killer in this film, although producer Charles Roven has poured cold water on those rumours. We still believe there could be a plot twist, could Alfred become a killer? He certainly has killed in the past and Jeremy Irons would be the perfect actor to pull it off?

We can wait to watch the full Batman vs Superman film to see if that happens!



Pretty much the entire cast of Man of Steel come back for this film. Henry Cavill, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburn, Christina Wren, Harry Lennix and Michael Shannon are all in attendance.

Bringing the rest of the Justice League with them are Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor) and everyone’s favourite British actor, Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth)

For those of you who might baulk at the thought of Afleck playing a superhero character again, he would agree with you! Ben had quite serious misgivings about playing a super hero character again, quoted as stating he “felt he didn’t fit the traditional mold”. However, Zack Snyder obviously wanted Affleck for the role and went to great lengths to keep him onboard with the project.

For those of you who missed Ben Afflecks earlier super hero work, he was originally cast in Daredevil back in 2003 to a somewhat mixed reception. To this day IMDB gives Daredevil a fairly lukewarm 5.3 out of 10, hence the reason for Ben Afflecks problems with the Batman role.

As the Justice League world begins to come together, Wonder Woman makes an appearance in Dawn of Justice, something hard core comic book fans have wanted for many years. Aqua Man also makes an appearance in this film played by Jason Momoa, you can imagine what that will be like!



All the main costumes have been displayed for this film by now with most on unveiled at the 2014 Comic Con. The Batman costume comes in two distinct varieties, fully armoured and a simpler cloth affair, we don’t know which (Or Both) will make it’s way into the film. Wonder Woman’s costume was unveiled at the 2014 Comic Con too. Gone are the loud colors of the original, replaced with a bronze amour suit fit for a modern day warrior. Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is now a more tribal style warrior, a look that suits the actor perfectly.

Batman v Superman - Coatumes


What’s The Link Between The Dark Knight And Dawn of Justice?

From a style and directing point of view, nothing much. Christian Bale has publicly spoken of his desire not to be involved in another Batman movie and Zack Snyder is obviously a far different director than Christopher Nolan.

However, there are references in the original 1986 book “The Dark Knight Returns”, which tell the tale of an epic battle between Batman and Superman. Jack Snyder continually rebuffs the idea that the Dawn of Justice movie is in any way influenced by the original book.

There have been lengthy talks about Batman v Superman online that discuss the links between the book and what impact it might have on the 2016 film. Only time will tell if the Dawn of Justice movie 2016 will live up to expectations.


Release Dates

So far, we know that the North American release date is set for 25th March 2016. The film will be released primarily in 3D format. The film has frequently been put back during post production with Warner Brothers citing creative issues as to why it’s been held back. There was originally some controversy as certain people in the media wondered if the film had been put back to avoid confrontation with Marvels Captain America franchise or to avoid leaks allowing people to watch Dawn of Justice online. Warner Brothers and DC Comics have never commented on this.



One thing is for certain, Dawn of Justice has divided opinion within comic book circles. Many don’t believe Zack Snyder has the chops to do Justice (Excuse the Pun) to a Justice League film.


However, most mainstream cinema lovers appear hooked on the idea of a Justice League film featuring the entire ensemble. Our suspicion is the film will do very well for itself and early cries from the fan world will disappear once people watch Batman v Superman full movie.


The Future of The Justice League

It’s no secret that Warner Brothers have been planning a wide and expansive Justice League franchise for some time now, hence the slow introduction of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman to the big screen. Man of Steel was the reboot with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice serving as follow up.

There are at least three more films lined up with Wonder Woman plus two distinct Justice League films entering into production too. There are almost certain bound to be others as characters like Aquaman begin to deserve a place in the Justice League universe.